Anyone else not really like the film or have critiques?

Discussion in 'The Last Jedi' started by zxthehedgehog, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. ChainsawAsh

    ChainsawAsh Jedi Master

    This is true.

    It still looks weird and would have looked less weird if it was filmed in such a way that it looked like she was pulling the ship toward her.
  2. GZK8000

    GZK8000 Jedi Master

    I have a much bigger issue that the Leia Poppings thing, which is that, after they made a pointless plot point in Jedi about Leia being related to Luke, they don't even follow on that on the sequel trilogy by giving more importance and screen time to her Force powers and skills, and when they end up showing them, is on scenes like this one that are barely relevant and related to the adjacent scenes or the overall plot. You could have just made her survive the missile without her being sucked out of the ship, and the plot (and her character) would have remained the same.

    Compare that with most, if not all the times Luke uses the Force in the movies; even something trivial like raising the chair Threepio is sitting on in Jedi is relevant with what is going on in that movie.
  3. williarob

    williarob Administrator Staff Member

    That Leia Poppins moment really bothered me - not because she could use the force to something spectacular, but because it just looked stupid.

  4. fmalover

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    I don't know how it looked stupid. Maybe it's just me, but I find nothing wrong with the scene itself.
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  5. williarob

    williarob Administrator Staff Member

    It just took me right out of the movie - it was clearly supposed to be a very serious and moving moment in the film, but I was smiling at how absurd it looked and looking around me to see if I was the only one (I wasn't - I saw a lot of face palms and eye rolls). But, I am truly glad that it didn't look that way to you.
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  6. benw20

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    There were multiple moments in the film where I looked over at the reactions of the young goth couple sitting in the same aisle and both the Leia Poppins scene and the "Look Closer" [*LITERALLY LOOKS CLOSER WITH BINOCULARS*] scene were met with an "oh for f*ck sake!" from the dude.
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  7. zxthehedgehog

    zxthehedgehog Jedi Master

    It was also kind of tasteless-feeling, especially after Carrie Fisher's real-life death. I know that it's not something that could have been predicted by the filmmakers, but Leia almost dying on screen only to have her drag her near-motionless CGI body back onto the ship - it just felt wrong to watch after that.

    At least in the other versions, it's saving her in the way we couldn't do in reality. Having it the way it was in the original movie - to me, it really stung. It was like parading around a dead woman on a string, trying to pretend she still exists.
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