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Discussion in 'The Last Jedi' started by zxthehedgehog, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. zxthehedgehog

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    I thought I'd devote a thread to people's favorite and least favorite scenes from the film. Again, this is all personal opinions.


    Best: Holdo destroys the Star Destroyer Supremacy

    Worst: Leia's Mary Poppins moment
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  2. pleasehello

    pleasehello Jedi Master

    Best: Rey and Kylo Ren's force connection

    Worst: Broom boy wishing upon a star
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  3. Collipso

    Collipso Jedi Master

    Favorite: Luke vs. FO
    Least Favorite: SNL Opening
  4. K-Shaps

    K-Shaps Jedi Master

    Kylo/Rey speaking to each other
    Luke's exile backstory (both his and Kylo's verison)
    Holdo's Suicide
    Throne Room Fight

    Canto Bight - all of it
    All the forced comedy (worst offender - Luke hucking the lightsaber over his shoulder is so cringeworthy and out of character especially after all the dramatic buildup at the end of TFA)
    Rose sabotaging what would have been a heroic sacrifice. I'm glad Finn is still alive, but there was no logic behind this. Honestly, pretty much every scene with Rose, such a pointless character.
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