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Discussion in 'Tools' started by rogue1, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. rogue1

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    I have tried this on a couple of machines:
    1) Windows 7 ultimate - i can't get it to work, i always get an error in a DLL.

    "mllapack.dll" with the message "The specified procedure could not be found.".

    i've replaced a dll in windows\system32 , and that didn't help


    i've checked paths, and it is added to the path statement - no luck

    2) Windows 8.1 - works fine

    if someone can figure out what's wrong with the windows 7 installation, which is my
    main computer, it would help a little bit.

    i've tried reinstalling, and uninstalling the mathlab binaries. no luck.

  2. williarob

    williarob Administrator Staff Member

    Here you go everybody:

    Dr Dre's color Matching tool v1.2 (latest version) for 64 bit Windows*: (385 MB)

    Dr Dre's color Matching tool v1.2 (latest version) for 64 bit OSX: (10 MB)**

    * If you have a 64 bit version of Windows AND you have more than 4 GB of RAM AND you need to color match two giant images (4k or 8k with 16-bit color, or 2 giant 8K size montages of images, then it would be worth uninstalling the 32-bit version and downloading and installing the 64-bit version. I don't think you will find it is any faster under "normal use" situations.

    ** Why is the mac version so much smaller? Simple really: in 2014, Matlab enhanced it's package builder with some new features, one of which is an option to download the runtime package from the internet during install. The windows version was compiled with the 2012 compiler, which doesn't have this option (or the option to change the icon and splash screen).


    If you have any issues with the new versions, let us know.
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  3. LuketheNerd

    LuketheNerd Jedi Master

    Since it can do 16-bit color, is it safe to assume that it's capable of HDR?

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