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Discussion in 'Solo' started by zxthehedgehog, May 25, 2018.

  1. zxthehedgehog

    zxthehedgehog Jedi Master

    OK, I simultaneously disagree with most of this movie's canon choices and thought it was half decent as a film on its own merits. However, it's not quite the trainwreck I was expecting. Despite some major character differences and minor plot inconsistencies, it stood up to decent scrutiny. In my opinion, I'd argue that it's probably the best of the modern Star Wars franchise, and certainly the best of the Star Wars Story series.

    On a completely different note, it's implied Lando kinda had sex with the Falcon's computer, and I'm really not sure how I feel about that. The tone of this film is rather strange; you can really feel the battle between two different directorial styles here, and the more loose and humorous takes of Lord & Miller really seems somewhat jarring against Ron Howard's more adventure-focused and straightforward execution. This lead to some really rough-feeling edits, occasionally leading to problematic continuity and "wait-what-just-happened" kind of moments. (A good example of this is as the band of mercenaries fail the train job; one sequence the ship is flying, and the next their ship is crashed into the ground.)

    I think all of this warrants some further discussion. What were your opinions on the film?
  2. Setzer

    Setzer Jedi Master

    I've seen/read that controversy after watching the film, but to be honest that's not how I saw it at all from the film.
    The way I understood it, was the droid had a screw loose (pardon the pun), and thought Lando was in love with it/her. Lando's reaction later in the film felt similar to Luke when R2 got blasted in the original film as well.
    I LOVED the WWI inspired tone before Han meets Chewie. I wish we had gotten more of that.
    I foresee a lot of fan-edits removing the odd/confusing scene with Maul.
    With that said, I still rank Rogue One slightly above this one :p
  3. oohteedee

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    I have mixed feelings about the movie. I also really liked the war scene.
    The train sequence however... I guess the troopers on the last train car didn’t have radios to inform anyone of the hijack.
    What was the point of blowing up the bridge? It serves zero purpose but to intensify the drama and create an emotional moment. Not blowing it up they would have more time to get the car and the girl wouldn’t have to sacrifice herself.
    That early boss (caterpillar thing) looked silly. I shooked my head as soon as I saw it.
    It would have been better if the origins of Solo’s last name was left unanswered.
    Then ending seemed like they were more interested in setting up a sequel then anything else.
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  4. JasonA

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    Love this!
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  5. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers Padawan

    Overall I felt the film was mediocre in many ways. My first impression was that it was a less artful version of the opening sequence of The Last Crusade. There was a better way to open that film up and introduce Han to the world. I like that he signed up for the Empire and the war scenes but we never see him actually pilot anything! Why didn't he learn to fly in the Empire? Imagine opening up the film with that car chase with him as a 10 year old with Qi'ra. No opening text to tell us the story just action. Then in a similar fashion in Last Crusade with the Fedora wipe from young to old show an elegant transition to him signing up for the Empire. Maybe they don't let him fly at first but then he proves himself and starts getting awards etc. for his flying. But he realizes what he is doing and he just can't stomach it. Little dialogue, just cinema.

    Still I think I would have preferred a Lando movie with Han still as the mysterious rogue. Preserve his mystique.

    That all said the film is a more concise more focused film than all the new Star Wars movies. Rogue 1 had a lot of story elements that went nowhere and an ending that did not flow well into A New Hope. Solo was a better constructed movie compared to those other films but did not have the emotional strength to engage the ravenous fan of the original trilogy. Not to mention that the callbacks and repetitive nature of these films can get very tiresome. Yes the Millenium Falcon is flat and can fly through narrow spaces etc.

    Also Han still owes Lando a ship.
  6. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers Padawan

    Nailed it!
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  7. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers Padawan

    Characters and backstory:

  8. zxthehedgehog

    zxthehedgehog Jedi Master

    I'm not sure I understand what Rick and Morty has to do with Solo.
  9. a_o

    a_o Jedi Master

    Ray Park's skull looks a lot different than it did in 1998
  10. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers Padawan

    They discuss telling Rick's backstory. Does it need to be told? It felt like Lawrence Kasdan had a checklist that he needed to hit for the film instead of asking "Does this story really need to be told?"
  11. zxthehedgehog

    zxthehedgehog Jedi Master

    I have to agree with you on that. There is very little need for these films to exist, and likely the more they make of these “A Star Wars Story” films the flimsier their canon will be. I think Rogue One was worse in terms of that, but Solo was definitely guilty of the same issue.
  12. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers Padawan

    It felt like Kasdan had a checklist to hit. Han Solo has to get a name, find Chewie, meet Lando, dump the escape pod, win the ship. Why? They wanted another trilogy right? Why make the film so complicated? Why can't Han be some scumrat kid in the beginning that joins the Empire as a way out. Then he actually learns to fly in the Empire. (We never see him fly anything until that heist.) He does that for a while so he gets a lot of good experience understanding how the Empire works which will make him a really good smuggler. Then he can't stomach it and goes AWOL one day. He meets Lando who has the clients and Han has the know how to avoid imperial ships and then they actually become friends and go smuggle things! That's it! Maybe he meets Chewie in the end of the first film but he shouldn't have done a Kessel run or win Lando's ship. Just keep it a really simple movie. Still approaching this story from Lando's POV would have been more interesting and avoided having to explain too much of Han's backstory.

    Characters in films these days do not seem to earn the things they gain. (Especially JJ's films) Chris Pine's Captain Kirk gets command of a Star Ship as a cadet where as William Shatner's Kirk worked his way through Starfleet. (The new Kirk would be an insult to a World War II veteran like Roddenberry.) Rey in The Force Awakens has control of all these force powers without any training. Where is the fun in all that? Getting from point A to B is the journey and the journey is the story! I love in Ghostbusters the guys raising the capital for their gear and going on their first mission. Rogue 1 had a bunch of story points that go nowhere. Why can't it be like a simple World War II movie where the characters all blow up a bridge? Someone is putting together a crew of a bunch of folks who've lost everything to the Empire and are going on what will probably be a suicide mission. No plot lines that go nowhere, no space battles, just a simple mission where everyone dies to get the plans for the greater good. Which again, in The Force Awakens nobody needs to get the plans to Starkiller Base! They just fly in and blow it up, nothing earned or sacrificed to get to that storyline.

    They really need to start thinking outside of the box with these new Star Wars movies. The landscape is wonderful but they keep missing the target.
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  13. zxthehedgehog

    zxthehedgehog Jedi Master

  14. age

    age Jedi Master

    Solo is the first disney star wars movie that I like, and Han shot first!
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  15. williarob

    williarob Administrator Staff Member

    I finally watched this, and quite liked it overall. The beginning was a bit meh, but it got better and had some good humorous moments.
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  16. SkyDude

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    I liked it quite a bit too actually...had a very positive experience. :) But the color grading was terrible (flat and colorless with grey blacks)...especially in 3D, where I had to really concentrate to see what was happening in darker scenes....
    Have no idea how it could be released with such a CC. Was it to hide a rushed 3D conversion or something? :oops:
  17. JasonA

    JasonA Jedi Master

    Agreed. I get that they were probably going for a dark, gritty, film noir-type feel on Corellia, but it was way too dark IMO.
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  18. dlvh

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    Ok...is it just me, or is the Bluray release a dreary mess? This release needs a serious regrade. Is there a good one, yet?
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  19. Obi-Have Kenobi

    Obi-Have Kenobi Jedi Master

    Perfectly acceptable unless Lando wore ladies underwear during the union(s); 'cos THAT would have just been sick and perverted.
  20. LexX

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    Haven't seen the BD, but it was that already in theaters.

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