Getting rid of the "Soap Opera" look.

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Oswarez, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Oswarez

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    I don't know if this is the right place for this so please delete or move it.

    When I worked on my Holiday Special I wanted to try to get rid of the video/soap opera look that it has, ad grain and have faux film feel to it. I know it's mostly due to what it was shot on and high frame rate but is there a way to compress it to make it more filmic? Like if you could take The Hobbit's day time soap look and make it look like Lord Of The Rings.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  2. camroncamera

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  3. Burrito

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    You have to reduce the framerate to 24 or 25fps.
  4. Setzer

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    Although I would always vote for preserving the original framerate, you could just cut it in half to 29.97 :)
  5. oohteedee

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    So is it the frame rate that’s made the Holiday Special so horrible to watch over the years? Here I thought it was the content of it.

    I saw it on TV in 1978. It’s painful to watch but the frame rate is somewhat irrelevant. At 24 FPS it would still be a horrible experience.

    It was shot on video at 29.976 FPS. Changing the frame rate does not fix anything about it and does not make it more watchable.

    It’s a TV show not a movie. Keep it as is.

    I somewhat agree with George in that no one should ever watch this again.
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  6. rogue1

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    I don't mind it. I watch it once every couple of years, just to remind me
    of how bad it could get, but some parts are ok, like the animated sequences.

    I never saw it growing up, so it was a nice find after the fact, when the
    Star Wars craze was going on.

  7. Oswarez

    Oswarez Jedi Master

    I have some weird fascination with it. I'm fiddling with it now, put the frame rate at 24 and added motion blur to the frames, it's the frame rate, 60 fps, that makes it too clear and sharp. I'm also thinking about getting Dr. Dre's LUTS to regrade it just for fun. It will always look like crap but it might look slightly less crappy if it's done right.
  8. Mavimao

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    It’s 60 fields per second (or 60 half frames of you wish). Combine the fields and you have 30 frames per second, however the frames aren’t perfect since the fields are created one after the other and not split up after the fact. This is what is called a “combing” effect and is visible when watching raw 60i material on a digital screen.

    Progressive scan is technically possible on old CRTs - but it’s not an official standard and only old video game systems used it (NES, SNES, Genesis etc). It’s 240 lines at 60 fields. Here, the beam is constantly drawing on the same 240 lines rather than every other line as you see on regular video.

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