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Discussion in 'Solo' started by williarob, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. williarob

    williarob Administrator Staff Member

    Just got this weeks Entertainment weekly which has Solo on the cover. My first thoughts:

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  2. Rogue Trooper

    Rogue Trooper Jedi Master

    I was very underwhelmed with the trailer. I wish Disney would stop meddling with the films and leave the chosen directors to do their thing.
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  3. Wer-Al_Zwowe

    Wer-Al_Zwowe Jedi Knight

    This was the first time a Star Wars trailer did do absolutely nothing for me. I even enjoyed the prequel trailers more.
  4. Shuggy

    Shuggy Jedi Master

    I never trust trailers. This didn't thrill me but I don't see any red flags. Tell you what I detest though: the dull, trendily desaturated grade. I wish it reflected the bright, pulpy vibe of the posters.

    I hope the movie's good and I hope one of the wizards here can one day remaster it in technicolor.
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  5. zxthehedgehog

    zxthehedgehog Jedi Master

    I think it's probably going to be awful, but we'll have to wait and see.
  6. SkyDude

    SkyDude Jedi Master Staff Member

    My expectations are very low... Hopefully I and others with me will be positively surprised.
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  7. K-Shaps

    K-Shaps Jedi Master

    Calling it now, this will be Episode I & II levels of awful.
  8. pleasehello

    pleasehello Jedi Master

    If it were that awful, I might be able to enjoy it. Unfortunately it will probably be perfectly adequate and mediocre.
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  9. Setzer

    Setzer Jedi Master

    A friend of mine pointed out that, from the trailers, it just seems like a Fast & Furious-esque action flick, which happens to be set in the Star Wars universe.
    I don't hope that turns out to be the case.
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  10. FrankT

    FrankT Jedi Master

    That's one clean Falcon!
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  11. LexX

    LexX Jedi Master

    Having just seen the new trailer, for the first time I got semi-interested in this movie. Not sure if it looks like SW or is it just because it's cut like a modern trailer.

    Edit: hopefully this isn't a spoiler thread but maybe it's better to not follow this. :)
  12. zxthehedgehog

    zxthehedgehog Jedi Master

    The dialogue looks rough to me in the new trailer. But, again, that could just be the editing.
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  13. Setzer

    Setzer Jedi Master

    I fear my friend was right in his assessment. The music was super odd as well, and felt out of place
  14. AllAboutThatSpace

    AllAboutThatSpace Jedi Master

    Just seen a preview. It's pretty good!
    Once it gets over a few dodgy scenes and a few bad gags it gets into a groove and is fairly entertaining. No huge complaints. All the cast are good and it even deals out some unexpected emotional depth. There's a moment in the last act that is truly dreadful though, not the fault of the film, but the studio's desire to make everything pointlessly 'canon'. You'll know it when you see it. Otherwise 4 stars I'd say.
    Don't bother with IMAX unless you want to. The Arri 65 digital cameras don't blow up well at all.
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  15. AllAboutThatSpace

    AllAboutThatSpace Jedi Master

    Oh, two more points.
    A) Paul Bettany is a scary bastard
    B) Worst cantina song ever
  16. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers Padawan

    Once Donald Glover signed on as Lando they should have realized they needed to re-work the film as the Lando movie. Keep Han Solo as a smaller character to keep the character's mystique. Sometimes it's best to not to provide all the answers in a story. It's also stronger to make a film with an actor that has the charisma to carry a feature film. But I haven't seen it so I could be dead wrong on all of this.
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  17. LexX

    LexX Jedi Master

    Just saw this with my friend. Neither of us were convinced and we felt disappointed. Good stuff were classic Han & Chewie relationship and Lando was fine, but everything else was pointless and very underlining everything. And the new droid was Jar Jar Binks annyoing. My friend isn't the biggest fan but we've watched all the new ones together and she likes the OT, and also felt this was the worst of the Disney movies, and I have to agree. At least TLJ took some chances. The ending scene with Qi'ra was just icing on the cake, oh my god...
    It's a 2 hour ride but this is not SW, trust me. I found myself shaking my head like a dozen times watching it.
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  18. Setzer

    Setzer Jedi Master

    I actually liked the movie. I wasn't blown away, but I liked it, and it felt like a better fit for the Star Wars universe, than Episode 7 and 8 did.
    The ending did sour the movie a bit, and I believe it was a mistake, as it'll only confuse people (I did hear people being confused after the fact) - I was also confused, not as to HOW, but WHY o_O
    Overall I thouroughly enjoyed it!

    I had a spine chilling moment when this piece was used in the movie: . From 5:22, just perfect :D
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  19. LexX

    LexX Jedi Master

    I have to say, the music sounded good except for the weird tribal choir pieces. Way better than R1 for example. Sure, some of it was recycled. I have to listen to the full soundtrack.
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  20. a_o

    a_o Jedi Master

    saw it 2x yesterday and slept through some of the exposition i went back to catch.

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