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Discussion in 'Solo' started by williarob, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. SkyDude

    SkyDude Jedi Master Staff Member

    Was it so boring that you fell asleep? :p
  2. a_o

    a_o Jedi Master

    i was pretty tired before going into seeing the 8pm showing, yeah. when i went at 11 i was already yawning. missed Enfys Nest's exposition dump at the end
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  3. yotsuya

    yotsuya Jedi Knight

    I keep describing it the same way. Thanks Ron Howard. You did Ford, Dailey, and Crispin proud.
  4. cptcrut

    cptcrut Jedi Master

    I actually liked it.
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  5. Mavimao

    Mavimao Jedi Master

    I give it a C. It’s not horrible, but it’s so achingly average.

    It reminds me of the beginning of The Last Crusade when Indiana Jones gets his scar, hat, whip and fear of snakes in one afternoon.

    We don’t need all of this information. Just give us a simple, fun story to follow these characters along with.

    I feel like the film would have been best as a simple heist film instead of an origin tale.
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  6. williarob

    williarob Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, it's pretty obvious they had a check list of moments:

    Han meets Chewie and saves him from something...
    Han meets Lando and wins the Falcon...
    Kessel Run...

    Basically, everything that has ever come up as part of Han's back story, and they wanted to include as many as possible. So they started with that list and built a story around it, rather than just coming up with a good story.

    I quite enjoyed it once it got going, but the first 15 minutes at least were very iffy. I've only seen it once, but I've really no desire to watch it again any time soon.
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