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  1. Jedi1

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    A big part of what we do here involves merging multiple sources of the same film together. In order to do that, the colors need to match. The best tool for that job at the moment is actually a free tool created by DrDre:

    This one shows how to use the latest version of the tool to generate a LUT:

    Download the latest version of the tool.

    More information on how to install and use it can be found here:

    The Star Wars Trilogy | Dr Dre's Magical Color Matching tool.
    In future tutorials we shall explore other options such as the color matching tool in Nuke, the one in PFClean, RE:Vision's RE:Match Color, and more...
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  2. oohteedee

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    Very easy to use and awesome results.
    v1.2 worked perfect in a Win7 VM running in VirtualBox on my Mac (macOS 10.12).
  3. rogue1

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    Good to hear, glad you got it working. Have fun, and if you need help, post your issues here.

  4. theMaestro

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    Does anyone ever get artifacts after color correction? Is there a way to make that not happen? Perhaps a mild amount of spatial DNR?
  5. rogue1

    rogue1 Jedi Master Staff Member

    I get them all the time.. still haven't figured away around it. it all depends on several variables. Source, Destination, file format, bit rates, etc.

    There is no simple answer.

  6. williarob

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    Yes, if the color difference is great, and if there is a lot of noise in the image I see this a lot. There are a couple of ways around it - one is to denoise your clip prior to generating/applying the LUT, but before you do that try adjusting the settings in Dre's tool: I find that by increasing the smoothing parameter from the default (0.01) to 0.1, and increasing the number of color spaces from 10 to 100 will usually reduce or remove this artifacting. Play with those settings, there is usually a sweet spot that will work, though it will take considerably longer to resolve. Also remember that you don't have to match at 4k, downscaling your test and reference images to 480p will speed the matching process.

    Other tips:
    • try to crop both test and ref images to match each other as best you can
    • Try cropping to just a small area of your images instead of the whole image.
    • crop out any black letterboxing or glue areas.
    • Toggle Fast processing off and retry
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  7. theMaestro

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    Thanks for the tips, I'll try these out. I'm actually trying the tool out on a non-Star Wars related personal project where I'm matching the colors of one DVD (well encoded, early generation source, shifted colors) to that of another DVD (poorly encoded, later generation source, but better colors).
  8. vexedmedia

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    This is important. Video of the week imo.
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