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    Some of the more popular plugins for After Effects are demonstrated here:
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    Just a technical question: does temporal noise reduction work better if the video is stabilized first? Like the concept is that it uses adjacent frames to remove grain and preserve details right? But because of film's natural gate weave, the adjacent frames aren't exactly aligned which may lead to a heat wave type of side effect or even smearing if it's used too strongly. But if the film is stabilized first, then would this theoretically lead to a more accurate noise removal? Or are most modern denoisers already smart enough to take gate weave into consideration?
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    Stabilizing first definitely helps a lot with temporal noise reduction. Modern denoisers such as Neat Video, and the one in Phoenix do try to take gateweave, camera pans, and other motion into account though, and sometimes they get it right and other times they don't. You can certainly help them get it right by stabilizing a shot first though. I believe Mike Verta used After Effects to save the natural motion of a shot, then locked it down tight for cleaning, and then restored the original motion to the cleaned version.
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