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    Okay, I have some more information. I asked someone who had mentioned it, and they gave me this page from John Knoll's book Creating the Worlds of Star Wars: 365 Days (2005):
    So we can see that they added this Pro-Mist lens filter to soften the image that had too much perceived sharpness. I looked up before/after comparisons for Pro-Mist lens filters and saw that they diffused the light, which explains that hazy look that AOTC and ROTS sometimes had. However, I didn't actually see any extra noise added by them. But I did find this post by a cinematographer in 2005 who said
    So even though modern Pro-Mist filters don't seem to add any noise (as far as I can tell, but professionals who have a better eye for this may feel differently), they did seem to add some kind of noise to the image back in 2005. So while this isn't the same as a "grain plate" that I had previously thought, it may explain the noise we are seeing in the film.
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    I've got ROTS extracted into individual frames with some temporal DNR for better coherency. I was going to Gigapixel them all as soon as Topaz fix the crashing every 508 images, but EDVR might be a better option. I'll edit this post if I get any good results.

    Edit: It seems EDVR works best for very low res inputs. I quickly run out of VRAM approaching even DVD resolution inputs, let alone 1080p inputs. Of course you could split the video into tiles and then upscale the tiles individually and put them back together, but it seems like that's unlikely to really yield any better results than just running each frame through Gigapixel, which, despite not being temporally coherent, is designed for making fairly HD images into really HD images rather than turning awful videos into passable ones.

    The Edit Strikes Back: Gigapixel finally updated. I should be able to make 4k05 a reality within about a fortnight, though I'll post previews sooner than that. Then 4k02, perhaps. 4k99 will be a film print though, I'm sure, since TPM was filmed on film, and someone over on OT was getting one scanned.
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    EDVR is indeed currently state-of-the-art in SR and deblurring, however there is one very important point I'd like to make about these pre-trained algorithms:

    Often AI algorithms such as EDVR are trained on artificial (usually bicubic) downsampling at a fixed scale factor, which in turn trains them to be able to take bicubic-downsampled images and recover the original detail. However, neural networks that are trained on artificial downsampling are only really good for handling artificial downsampling. Introduce additional noise and blur after downsampling, and the network's performance suffers big time.

    There are frameworks in the research labs where an algorithm such as EDVR, in combination with additional modules and approaches, can be adapted to combat the blur and noise accumulated in an image before upscaling to recover the detail. Such "frameworks", since they are built on the idea that not all images in the real world are equally downsampled, often perform better and produce perceptually better results in real-world tests compared to their bicubic-trained counterparts. One such algorithm is called ZSSR, however that algorithm is now highly inferior to newer algorithms of its kind. (In fact sometimes the original vs ZSSR aren't even that much different.)

    Since this version of EDVR is trained with artificial downsampling, and DVD content is also artifically downsampled from their HD masters, that's likely the reason why EDVR works better with DVD content or any content of such kind. When you deal with the original quality, artificial downsampling no longer plays a part and performance suffers. (Although IIRC some cinema cameras oversample by capturing with a higher-res sensor than what is actually outputted.)
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    That is too expensive. A copy of it went for $299 on the 35mm forum. It's not hard to find
    this movie.

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    Due to insufficient disk space, I've stalled any work on a film upscale for the moment. However I'm making some progress on the deleted scenes:
    rots1_00000.png rots1_00001.png
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    New hard drive, so work on 4K05 has officially begun! I've tweaked my methods a bit, so the result will look better than on my original post. Stay tuned for frame previews.
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    Here are several preview frames. Note that they are from an earlier test that I did last month; the noise and distortion will be lessened in my current iteration. Also note that this test utilized a "facial refinement" option, which is not being used in the current version either.
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    Very cool. I've Gigapixeled about a third of the movie myself but ran out of hard drive space!
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