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Discussion in 'The Phantom Menace' started by CourtlyHades296, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. gorramnerd

    gorramnerd Jedi Master

    I applaud your statement, and agree wholeheartedly. I so wish I could've made it to Celebration, especially since it was the closest to my hometown that a Celebration may ever be.

    I wasn't sure if I wanted to go so far as to lay the internet being an issue with the community out as a significant issue, but I agree with what you say.

    I personally have never dealt with any issues on this forum and I'm proud of that. Does everyone on here share my personal perspective of Star Wars? Of course not, I will fully admit I'm in the minority. But the perspectives, my discussions with people on here have been nothing but peaceful.

    So thank you for giving your perspective, I greatly appreciate it.
  2. theS0UND

    theS0UND Jedi Master

    I don't think these forums are really a part of what they were referring to with the mention of the internet issue. Since I joined the forums some months ago I have found this to be the most enjoyable community in the fandom, that I've been a part of, since TLJ released.

    I only have one local friend that is as big of a fan as me so I consume a lot of my Star Wars online and, personally, I agree that the internet has magnified and concentrated the worst, cancerous parts of the fandom, making them seem to be the majority.
  3. gorramnerd

    gorramnerd Jedi Master

    Oh, I agree with you, for sure, I was just taking the chance to say this forum is great :)
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  4. gorramnerd

    gorramnerd Jedi Master

    Getting back to TPM-related chat, I am really hopeful to see this happen. Whatever you think about the film, for the same reasons that we want the theatrical cuts of the OT, we should have access to the theatrical cut of TPM.
  5. DavidMDaut

    DavidMDaut Padawan

    Also, aside from the alterations, it'd be nice to have an HD version of The Phantom Menace where skin textures don't look like silly putty.
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  6. gorramnerd

    gorramnerd Jedi Master

    That... would be nice lol
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  7. Setzer

    Setzer Jedi Master

    There are HDTV versions without the awful DNR wax-job ;)
  8. ChainsawAsh

    ChainsawAsh Jedi Master

    Yeah, but the edge enhancement is horrendous and the color is still off. And, of course, it's no the theatrical edit.

    I'll be interested to see how much of the EE is from the transfer and how much is baked into the print from digital compositing and the like.
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  9. Wazzles

    Wazzles Jedi Knight

    I'm fairly certain the EE is missing from the Laserdisc release, so I doubt that it's in any of the prints. It's probably a side effect of that era of DVD mastering.
  10. ChainsawAsh

    ChainsawAsh Jedi Master

    I could have sworn it was pretty bad on the LD, too, but I haven't watched the rip I have of it in a while.
  11. Wazzles

    Wazzles Jedi Knight

    You might be right. It's really hard to tell from the rip I have.
  12. ashdoginc

    ashdoginc Padawan

    I think all art is subjective... and that just because something, from the way it was made, could viewed as academically bad, doesn't mean people shouldn't like it or be preserved for the future. I think all released versions of any Star Wars movie should at least be preserved... and ideally made public. I really hope Lucasfilm/Disney does that, or at least be more transparent with fans.
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  13. rogue1

    rogue1 Jedi Master Staff Member

  14. yotsuya

    yotsuya Jedi Knight

    That is cool news. That leaves AOTC from my wishlist.
  15. mumbles

    mumbles Jedi Master

    Do you think someone has Caravan of Courage and The Battle of Endor on film? :p But honestly, Phantom Menace isn't for me but I'm sure someone will enjoy it. I have a friend who grew up on that particular movie so she'll probably love it but I couldn't care less about the prequels. But yeah that Darth Maul fight is cool and John Williams' score is pretty epic.
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  16. fmalover

    fmalover Jedi Knight

    The Phantom Menace is an objectively bad movie, but at this point I no longer care, and in fact the last time it was on TV I watched it and enjoyed it despite its sheer awfulness. Unlike many though, I don't like the lightsaber duel Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul at all, way too choreographed.
  17. gorramnerd

    gorramnerd Jedi Master

    You are entitled to your opinion, but not everyone shares it. Despite how good or bad the film is, it deserves to be preserved in the best form possible.
  18. fmalover

    fmalover Jedi Knight

    Especially because it's the only one of the prequel trilogy to be shot on film
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