Resolution and its Differences

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    After a threshold in resolution has been crossed there are various post methods for an increase in Perceptual Resolution despite a difference in actual pixel count. Some of these methods could be considered for DNR versions of restorations where a loss of detail occurs in the pipeline, or for other intended project uses. The post-production workflow is perhaps more important than the captured source, which is worth discussing and analyzing.

    Steve Yedlin, the director of photography for The Last Jedi and other Rian Johnson films, goes in depth on this concept.
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    That was one hell of an informative video. Shocking to see that 2K captured stuff is just the same as the 6K captured ones. Also shocking to see that you can enlarge images without seeing individual pixels :eek:

    It seems to me that a lot can be gained in the post production step.
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    For those that are still unsure, a spot of araldite could be added in the tube? The correct approach and crimping tool is most important.

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