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    I'm not sure how aware people are of the various releases of Solo, but the streaming versions of the film include the burned-in theatrical alien subtitles, while the DVD/Blu Ray/UHD are soft-subbed.

    I'm able to capture 4K video from the stream, but unfortunately not in HDR. Because the UHD is encoded with HDR, the clips I've captured with the subtitles don't visually match the surrounding footage.

    Since I can't really make a new 4K encode of the theatrical version in HDR, I decided to take some inspiration from CatBus, and extract the theatrical subs from my clips to create Blu Ray .sup streams that can overlay the video and appear nearly perfect.

    Some caveats for these files:

    - I have created these files in 2160p resolution from the original captures, however UHD discs actually still use 1080p .sup streams, which are dynamically upscaled to 2160p by the player. Consequently, the 2160p file may not work in all situations. I've found that they work fine with software players on VLC, MPC-HC, and MPV, but do not work on my hardware player (Oppo UDP-203). I'v posted the 1080p downscale for anyone that may want to mux with the either a UHD or BD rip of the film.

    - The subtitle timings are frame-accurate to the burned-in subs on the streaming file, but once again, I've noticed that they work perfectly with the various software players, but my hardware player seems show some deviations in the timings of the subs. This could, of course, be specific to the UDP-203.


    For anyone that may want to overlay these over video to make a hard subbed version of the film use this:

    Original xml-png files:!2uAUzaTZ!QZnGa5QNH_LMVnzxBOokDGpJTLsoI-pEMY-Rx17vIa0

    2160p .sup file (May not be compatible with all players):!XiB0HCYY!nxdPIHMc_yrhrTVQFq9s4Ejp-RTRJjyLUmtei7FVexs

    For UHD, BD, and/or hardware compatibility, use the 1080p .sup file:!LuBWgYYZ!uxb0v7pdstzMjCxHoTojc4blptelCMdnmWPXljBpaYE

    English SDH subtitles with the new Theatrical subs included:!O6IQ1YTC!q3DHKhOcAEmeIBB9EQPI0VWnCea3-6oJS5NvT8_BqOk
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    Nice! I assume this should sync fine to the standard Blu-Ray?
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    Yes, the Blu-Ray or the UHD.
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