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    Hey everyone,

    If you haven't already listened to the Star Wars Oxygen podcast series on Rebel Force Radio, I'd highly recommend it. David Collins did an amazing analysis of the film scores of the movies over the course of 30 or so episodes- it's truly an ear-opening listen.

    The series abruptly stopped during the analysis of Rogue One (Part 1 was released, but there's never been a Part 2), and it has essentially disappeared.

    Does anyone have a similar resource for The Last Jedi? It was amazing to hear Collins break down themes, patterns, and connections within and between scores, and I'd love to hear a similar style of analysis for the newest of the series.

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    David W. Collins has his own podcast now, entitled The Soundtrack Show. It's only 13 episodes in, and the three most recent episodes are about Star Wars (well, the first of the three actually gives a biography of George Lucas, which is fascinating when compared to characters in Star Wars). Based on the episode released on 5/16/18, it sounds like he will be wrapping up his analysis of Star Wars in next week's episode, which will be followed by a 2 episode sync'ed commentary (i.e., David will give a running commentary on the soundtrack and score of Star Wars, as it plays).

    My assumption will be that David will base his running commentary on the Blu Ray editions of A New Hope, since the podcast is in the public realm, and giving a commentary on a FanEdit/Preservation seems unlikely.

    So far, the episodes have been very interesting, and have used John Williams' soundtracks for Jaws and Star Wars as the basis for a musicological understanding of film scoring. His analysis is very approachable, in that he is very good at explaining concepts, and has a clear understanding of the tools used to break music down.

    I highly recommend jumping in and giving these recent podcasts a listen, as it will deepen your understanding of the movies and how they've come to resonate so powerfully with us all.
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