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Discussion in 'The Last Jedi' started by zxthehedgehog, May 14, 2018.

  1. zxthehedgehog

    zxthehedgehog Jedi Master

    I've heard that The Last Jedi plays better on sequential viewings over just watching the movie once. What are your opinions on this?
  2. JasonA

    JasonA Jedi Master

    Nope, hated it the second time around too.
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  3. LexX

    LexX Jedi Master

    I liked it more on the first viewing and really disliked on the second. I do not have a need to watch it again anytime soon.
  4. First viewing left me confused. Then I read a lot of the views and opinions on OT. On the second viewing, I found my peace with it. Have no interest in watching it again. Maybe in a few years...
  5. Mavimao

    Mavimao Jedi Master

    First time, a bit confused. I had to mull over what I had just watched for a week or so.

    Loved it more the second time.
  6. dahmage

    dahmage Jedi Master

    First time loved it, second time loved it. etc.
  7. williarob

    williarob Administrator Staff Member

    I enjoyed it the first time. I bought the standard Bluray on the day it was released and... still haven't watched it a second time. Didn't even watch the special features yet. I'll let you know what I think if I ever pop the disc in.
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  8. smoothkaz

    smoothkaz Jedi Knight

    I saw it four times on the big screen and once of Blu-ray so far, so I'd say it has a lot of rewatch value for me. It's my third favorite Star Wars to date, believe it or not.
  9. a_o

    a_o Jedi Master

    I only got to see it in the theater twice. Watched it as many times as the others since the blu-ray was released, though.
  10. scottj85

    scottj85 Initiate

    personally I wasn't sure what to think the first time around, but I really came to appreciate it on repeat viewings
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  11. RooskiWolf

    RooskiWolf Padawan

    First viewing I was in shock. And the shock was way worse then what I felt after seeing Episode I opening night. Second viewing I felt anger. This is the first Star Wars movie for me that had no parts I wanted to go back and rewatch. Even Episode II had some decent parts. Last Jedi? Nothing that I can think of. Even the music. I cannot think of anything memorable.
  12. hairy_hen

    hairy_hen Jedi Master

    I would estimate that pretty much no one wanted to see their hero Luke Skywalker being a miserable dumpus who just sat around wiping his ass with leaves for practically an entire movie. It was a dreadful miscalculation to write it that way, to say the least.

    It's worth pointing out, though, that much of the blame for this lies with the way the previous movie was written. Having him disappear with no explanation while all kinds of bad things were happening -- the idiotic writing in Episode 7 was just begging to have him portrayed this way in Episode 8. The whole thing is just one enormous mistake after another, and I have no interest in rewatching any of it.
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  13. RooskiWolf

    RooskiWolf Padawan

    Nah, Last Jedi was a hack job done on purpose by Rian Johnson. He's said as much. The true blame should be with Kathleen Kennedy. She's the Gatekeeper. The "Lucas". She has forced her political agenda into a film series that was created out of one mans dreams and fantasies. And past viewing experience. ;) If Disney had any sense, and I'm afraid it may be too late, they would make Dave Firloni the new "Lucas". But movie making at Disney Studios is first and foremost about money and image. The image is tarnished, beyond repair I'm afraid, and the money will start to dry up next. Solo is just the beginning. When Episode IX comes out, I suspect the numbers may be lower then Last Jedi.
  14. Holko

    Holko Padawan

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  15. a_o

    a_o Jedi Master

    rewatched last night. still pretty good

    obi-wan and yoda went into hiding, too y'know.
  16. scottj85

    scottj85 Initiate

    If there was a forced political agenda in TLJ, I certainly didn't notice it myself.
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  17. Holko

    Holko Padawan

    Me neither. I've seen it 4 times (2 at the cinema), and loved it more every time.
  18. LHSmarchingredcoat

    LHSmarchingredcoat Jedi Knight

    I've loved it every time I've watched it!
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  19. Michael Platt

    Michael Platt Jedi Master

    For the most part I've always enjoyed Last Jedi however my version of choice is the Legendary edition which removed most of the annoying issues i had and made Rose more tolerable though i don't think in retrospect it was all the actors fault the did her no favours. I hope she's better served in Episode IX
  20. SkyDude

    SkyDude Jedi Master Staff Member

    I'd rather watch something worthy of my time instead of watching KK and Ruin poodooing on the true fans, the original characters and the good spirit of the originals with their wickedness once again...while at the same time totally failing in the attempt of making a REAL ''Star Wars" movie.

    What a real waste of time and money...especially for the true original fans. :oops: They almost manage to ruin the whole thing for me...almost. (But not at all really, because I just don't see this crap as canon and part of the story).
    This is all like with "The Neverending Story" where in the last and 3rd installment for example Falcor suddenly is totally stupid and not the intelligent being he originally was at all...

    They do this on purpose...and sorry to has something to do with MK Ultra and mind control of the population...

    - You change the characters and stories people love over time -> You change the people.

    Save "STAR WARS".... Save the Dream!! :rolleyes:

    (We live in messed up times and it's time to take this forced-on "politically correct" leaf off the mouth)

    4K83 "TSE"
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