The Rewatch Factor

Discussion in 'The Last Jedi' started by zxthehedgehog, May 14, 2018.

  1. AllAboutThatSpace

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    Last Jedi was a terrific movie and I'm so glad the majority on here and the other place enjoyed it. My worry is JJ Abrams will have to make the film of his career to live up to it. Hopefully he can! :)
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  2. SkyDude

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    No, it was terrible. A lazy production at best (this is all my opinions of course). Where do you have those statistics from? At least not Rotten Tomatoes... :p From how many Blu-Rays were sold when they dumped the prices already from very early on? Just would be interesting to know how you know that "the majority enjoyed it" both here and in general. What I know is that lots and lots of especially hard-core OT fans hated it...and for many of the same reasons. I think Lucasfilm and ILM did a great job when it comes to Special Effects and always. But that is not enough...

    Ruin Johnson managed to subvert my expectations tho...I'd never be able to foresee something like this ever hitting the theaters. He managed to truly cloud everything. It's still like it's all the biggest prank ever played out, and you guys "enjoying it" are all in on it. Oh my, oh my... :oops:
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  3. AllAboutThatSpace

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    I meant on this forum and on the other forum - not the wider world.
    I know the film's been divisive, but that doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, throughout cinema history the opposite has often been the case.
    We'll have to agree to disagree :)
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  4. SkyDude

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    We for sure have to do that... :)
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  5. Mavimao

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    “Ruin Johnson”? I mean, critiquing a film is one thing, but calling people names is a bit immature.
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    Sorry, guys. I am not really here to spread negativity. If you like it, you like it. Good for you. ;)

    (Original post deleted)
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  7. zxthehedgehog

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    I think the political choices come less from an overly PC culture than it does a mentality from the studios - they think they have to display empowerment as a story trope or face criticism from minority groups. So, they force it into the plotline to attempt to prevent a perceived backlash.
    The problem is, I think this has blended with a nature of representative masochism - ironically propagated by individuals not in the minority group. Individuals with a political bias are making their decisions based on a wave of radical partisan views in the upper echelons, dividing the upper class as a partisan populous grew from the narratives of a toxic self-funded media empire. The recording of every thought on media platforms only amplified this in the public eye.
    The reality is, the perspectives people give aren't true. They propagate hatred in "others" and reduce people to archetypes. People are determined by their outward differences, while in reality we're far more similar than we are separate.
    Culture isn't toxic - the medium is. Until we realize this, we're going to only grow farther and farther apart.
  8. FrankT

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    Rewatch factor for me, virtually nil.
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