TPM Teaser and Trailer best quality HD or 4K scan?

Discussion in 'The Phantom Menace' started by Burrito, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Burrito

    Burrito Padawan

    Hi guys,

    thanks for everything on this site. Just love it so much. Also very nice community with almost no forum noise!

    I'm looking for downloads of the highest quality TPM Teaser Trailer and Theatrical Trailer in english or german (best would be both).

    Maybe you've got a hint for me?

  2. DarthPyro52

    DarthPyro52 Jedi Knight

    I know someone posted a scan of the theatrical trailer at one point, but I can't remember where.
  3. Burrito

    Burrito Padawan

    I got probably got that one, it's called "Star Wars Episode I 35mm Trailer_HD_DOWNLOAD.mp4" (98.8MB, 2:32). Don't know where i got it either.

    If someone wants it i can post it here.

    It's decent quality but maybe there is a better one out there? And also nothing in terms of the Teaser Trailer in HD...

  4. williarob

    williarob Administrator Staff Member

  5. williarob

    williarob Administrator Staff Member

  6. Burrito

    Burrito Padawan

  7. DarthPyro52

    DarthPyro52 Jedi Knight

    These just make me really want a new scan of TPM. I can't stand the "silly putty" effect on the Blu-Ray due to all the unnecessary DNR.
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  8. ChainsawAsh

    ChainsawAsh Jedi Master

    According to Zig over at OT, he's still working on a scan.
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